The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak- Brian Katcher23015962

Ana and Zak, two High-Schoolers who at first seem an unlikely pair, turn to one another when Ana’s younger brother Clayton disappears after hearing Zak rave about a certain comic-con in Washington- the Washingcon! I read this during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) so it was a perfect read for those of us not fortunate enough to go there. I read it in a few hours due to its addictive storyline and fluid writing style. Written in dual points of view, Ana is at first portrayed as a stuck up, obsessed and controlled. This is later revealed to have only come about due to her over protective parents. Zak is struggling to deal with the new man in the house after the death of his father years previously. If you’ve watched The Big Bang Theory, Zak was almost like an amalgamation of the four boys; Leonard- has a bad relationship with a parental figure. Sheldon- always stuck in another world. Raj- kind and sweet hearted and Howard- thinking he’s good with women.

Zak first meets Ana in their school library and invites her to play a game with his friends to which she obviously declines. Further on in their day, Zak finds out he’s failing a class and is forced into joining the schools’ Quiz Bowl team where Ana is Captain. Quickly refusing to call him by his nickname ‘Duke’ Ana finds herself unwittingly drawn to him and his wild ways despite initial repulsion and fear. This starts to break down Ana’s defence and we find out just why she is uptight and what her heartbreak is.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as this is a book you definitely need to go into without knowing too much but if you think of it like this, Hermoine and Shaggy let loose in Comic Con.

ALL I KNOW NOW- Carrie Hope Fletcher

I’ve just finished Carrie Hope Fletcher’s book- All I Know Now and can safely say- I BLOODY LOVED IT!

All I Know Now is the first book/advice book by the YouTube and West End Star- Carrie Hope Fletcher. It is also the second Youtuber book I have read, the first being Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. And the first thing I noticed that was similar about these two books was that the authors’ voices are easily distinguishable and as you read it it’s almost as if they are in the room with you! Fletcher’s writing instantly makes me feel as if she is sat here beside me drinking a cup of tea and eating cake!

Now this won’t be a comparison between Zoe’s book and Carrie’s but I just had to get that out there.

Throughout the entirety of this book (all 288 pages) I sat on my bed cup of tea in hand and fell in love with it. From stories about spilling Ribena over  WHITE tablecloth to stories about an nemesis who eventually got her comeuppance. Carrie keeps you hooked with the simple use of ‘Acts’.

There are 8 Acts and in these Acts there are chapters. The use of Acts helps you to easily distinguish what section will be about what and should you like to read only an Act about ‘The Internet’ you would find yourself turning to Act 4 (page 129). It also is a comedic hint towards Carrie’s current job; playing Eponine in the West End Production of Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre.

For mostly all the chapters there are advice guides/tips on what to do in certain situations which is an amazing thing to behold as even at 18 I still don’t know how to act around my friends when we’re discussing how hot Captain America is (not that they think Captain America is hot so I get to fantasise about being Captain America’s girl 😉 )

Drawing entirely from her own experiences (which is a helluva courageous thing to do) Carrie has created a book that will not only help her peers and people older than her, but it will help her teenage audience. The ones that are just starting to worry about GCSE’s, A Levels, life in general. She’s even included helplines at the back for various countries to use!

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh



I’m not going to say too much in this review but what I say will be spoilerish. I believe you should go into this book knowing next to nothing because I did and I fell in love with this book. Seriously, I have given it 5/5 stars on goodreads and it is my new favourite read of 2015. Inspired by A Thousand And One Nights it also reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. I fell in love Khalid and rooted for his and Shazi’s relationship to bloom and it did! (I also wanted Tariq to GTFO bc Khalid and Shazi forever). I also loved Despina and Jalal! I read this in a day and read the tiny extract of The Rose and The Dagger too (side note; I WANT THE SEQUEL LIKE NOW PLEASE!!!). I’m so hoping that the release of the sequel is like January 2016. I can wait 6 months but not 12. Ahdieh’s writing style captivated me and made me feel as though I was in Rey and eufhgahsglsh I cannot get across my emotions or just how much I loved this book like I freaking adored it and really desperately just want to do nothing more but read it and read it.

“This is not a love story, this is a story of your life”…

This is NOT A Love Story
This is NOT A Love Story

Today I just finished ‘This is Not a Love Story’ by Keren David which is due to be published on the 7th of May. Skeptical of the title, I nearly didn’t request to review it. But I am oh so glad I did! I’ll leave a review down here for you guys to read but it will be going on my ‘Forever Favourites’ page as soon as I get it up.

Review of ‘This is Not a Love Story’

Firstly, this is a book made for those who loved Anna and the French Kiss, Girl Online and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

The title straight away makes me think that the author has tried to be clever and hide a love story. I thought it was cheesy and a bit blasé. But after reading it…oh my god! It was such a clever title! I applaud Keren David for this! The story is dived into 3 parts. Now, then and after.

Now, starts off with one of our main voices, Theo waking up to discover that the other main voice, Kitty, is missing. The initial panic I was feeling for this character quickly dropped when I turned the page to ‘Part Two- Then’. The panic left me and I was diving straight into Kitty and Theo who were new to Amsterdam (not to mention the introduction of Ethan) and forgetting about Kitty’s disappearance. Throughout the story Kitty is unsure of her feelings alike with Theo, but Ethan is thrown into the mix and I was left wondering just who this ‘love story’ was really about.

The writing was quick and easy to fall in love with. I adored the story and read it in one sitting, even marking my favourite points with post-it’s which I never do! I will be re-reading this book soon as well as picking up another one of Keren’s books soon.



carry on

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Carry On is about two boys, Simon and Baz. One is alive the other might be dead but he’s not saying anything on the matter. One is hopelessly in love with the one whilst the other has a girlfriend. The classic case of a romance novel where the character you can’t help but love is the bad guy… or is he?

Carry On is part of the reason why I finally read Harry Potter last year – I know waaaay late to the bandwagon of reading them. But, because I read Fangirl and because of the Carry On fanfiction inside it, it made me read HP. So you can see how excited I was for this book to be released. And I was not at all disappointed in Carry On.

I adored every word. Every chapter. Every single bit of it! Is it possible to love a book that much?

When I first got it I went a little bit crazy. I mean proper crazy I did a little dance

giphy (4)

I fell in love with the cover & what’s under the dust jacket I mean srsly heart emojis flying around here!!

I went into this knowing two things
1: It was going to have magic in
2: It would have a love element between our main male characters Simon and Baz

Either way I knew I was going to love this book so I sat back and began to read and slowly lose myself in the world of Carry On.


I always love anything by Rowell and omfg I loved this so much I read it in a day and it’s over 500 pages. I absolutely adored this and will reread it soon. Reminiscent of those scenes Cath wrote in Fangirl it made me fall for Rowell’s writing style and beautiful stories she creates.  I flew through this story and instantly want to read it again. Like now.

Can I?

I urge you who are putting this book in your to-reads to please pick it up asap as you will never ever regret it.

Links to buy it-


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Stay tuned for some information on a book tour I’m part of + a review of Illuminae!